Our customers have high-end wardrobes, demanding careers and choose us for our specialized services and convenient 24 hour pickup options. Currently, 1860 Wachovia associates choose our services for their dry cleaning needs.

Services Our Customers Are Accustomed To

•    Our staff know our customers on a first name basis

•    We take time to get to know their dry cleaning preferences

•    Same day dry cleaning services are provided with a turn-around time of 6-8 hours

•    Customers have the option of picking up and dropping of at the convenient  24 Hour automated Kiosk

•    Our stores have a clean professional environment

•    Each shirt is packaged with a cuff clip to avoid creasing

•    No more than 3 garments are bagged in an order to provide the least amount of creasing

•    We use a single reusable laser tag per garment to avoid paper tags as we strive to be green

•    Vouchers are emailed to customers who choose to opt-in for special offers

•    Weekly discounts are displayed on in store free-standing P.O.S